Things I Have Learned From Having Younger Cousins

1. All the words to Let It Go despite never having seen Frozen.

2. They will ask you to play Justin Bieber even though they know the answer will be no.

3. They will renegotiate with One Direction.

4. You’ll cave.

5. Blutack is life. Seriously, you need this stuff or you might as well start preparing for the apocalypse.

6. Even if you give them printer paper five times their height, they’ll still manage to cover every inch in less than five minutes.

7. They won’t flip the paper over and draw on the other side.

8. Even if you ask.

9. Especially if you ask.

10. It’s possible to be addicted to YouTube at the age of seven.

11. Hiding your phone is the only option. Otherwise you’ll either have a phone that is on lockdown or have to answer the awkward question of why you have topless photos of cute guys on your phone.

12. You know they are better than you at Candy Crush.

13. They know they are better than you at Candy Crush.

14. Being selective about the music you play becomes second nature. It never becomes anything less than annoying though.

15. Years of swallowing back swear words don’t matter when you find out they watch Jenna Marbles.

16. You’ll want to cry when you realise they have no idea who Ash Ketchum is.

17. Even more so when Harry Potter is nothing but “oh that guy”.

18. Your faith is slightly restored when you remember they do play Lego.

19. When in doubt, distract them with puppies or pictures of Dylan O’Brien.

20. The TV show Arthur is still cool and even if you don’t know how to get it, you know it’s floating around on YouTube somewhere.

21. Trying to explain how blogging is different to YouTube is pointless.

22. Even if they trash your house, annoy your brother, steal the topping off your birthday cake and try to dack you, you still love them anyway.


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